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جلسه اول دوره افعال دو کلمه ای

:Come along⭕


.Not many people bought tickets for the concert in advance, but quite a few came along and bought tickets at the door🔶️


.He decided to give the money to the first stranger who came along🔶️


.He told me to work hard and take every opportunity that comes along🔶️


:Come apart⭕


.The antique picture frame just came apart in my hands🔶️


.I picked up the book and it just came apart in my hands🔶️


.The bed comes apart so you can store it when you don't need it🔶️


:Come around/round⭕


.A nurse was with me when I came round after the operation🔶️


.After Lily fainted, we used smelling salts to get her to come round🔶️


:Come out⭕


.Let your shirt dry overnight and the stain will probably come out🔶️


.If this story comes out about the Prime Minister, he'll have to resign🔶️


?When do your exam results come out🔶️


.Ava's coming out of hospital at the weekends. She's much better now🔶️




?Oscar: Will you tell your boss about your plans to stand for the local council


Sophie: only if the subject comes up in conversation. I nearly told him at work this morning, but then something came up and we had to deal with it straight away. Mind you, I don't know if a place on the council is going to come up for a while yet, so perhaps I will wait




I am doing a research project for my degree on the psychology of ageing, but I've come up against a few problems. I came across someone who's done an almost identical study, so I've got to come to a decision: do I want to continue with it or not? I guess in the end my decision will come down to what my professor recommends

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